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The optimum design of our vacuum switch tubes has been developed by our company together with prestigious institute, making diameters and measurements greatly matches to electric field. The leakage rate has been controlled in less than one-thousandth by Once Seal-Exhaust Technique, making technical data (such as contact bouncing duration) can be easily adjusted during mounting process, and mechanical life of our products can be largely enhanced. We have already acquired the national patents including 2009200832892, 2009200834277, 200920083534X, 2009200835320, 2009200835335, and 2009200832905.

Component and material supply
Metalized ceramic: The density is much higher than injection molding, so the welding ability is great.
Contact terminal: High quality imported CuCr25, CuW
Bellows: 316L Stainless steel, easy-welding and environmental friendly, which is much better than common 304 and 321.

Production control and technical innovation
a. The production procession has adopted advanced control technology, to eliminate discrete and ensure consistency of product quality and improve product qualified rate.
 b. Each batch of bellows can only be put into production after passing 10 million times of life test after mechanical forming. Also, metalized ceramic are 100% non-leakage required during the air tightness test and the seal strength is over 5000N.
c. Oxygen-free copper ring transition in sealing structure has solved problems such as low seal intensity and tube easy-breaking, so that the product life is greatly enhanced.
d. Free painting technology: Current domestic product with spray paint on the stainless steel surface will cause a certain degree of pollution. To solve this problem, we use special microelements solder materials to prevent it from dispersed around product surface, which is natural, beauty and environmental friendly.
e. Once Seal-Exhaust Technique: All the components will be assembled in the Once Seal-Exhaust furnace in one time. Thus, production process has been optimized .Also, duplication and pollution can be avoided effectively. This technique has filled our domestic blank.

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