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ZKTJ630/24-6.3 TJ4340

Main Technical Data
Rated voltage                                             kv 24
Rated current                                             A 400/630
Rated frequency                                          Hz 50
Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage(1min)      kv 79
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage                      kv 145
Rated making current                          kA 6.3
Rated breaking current,max                     kA 5.0
Rated breaking current,min                     A 125
Rated  making current,limit  kA 6.3
Rated short-time withstand current                          kA 6.3
Rated duration of short-circuit                               s 4
Mechanical life                                            times 30×10000
Electricity life AC-3 times 25×10000
Electricity life AC-4 times 10×10000
Rated contact stroke mm 8±1
Contact closing force due to bellows and atmosphere           N 120±50
Counterforce at rated contact stroke                           N 190±60
Circuit resistance at rated contact atmosophere force                       μΩ ≤45
Shelf life                                                   years 20
Contact erosion limit                                        mm 3
Weight of moving parts                                                                              kg ≤1.2
Mechanical Data Required For Matched Vacuum Switchgear                                           
Average opening speed                                    m/s 1.0±0.2
Average closing speed                                     m/s 0.6±0.2
Added contact force                                        N 500±50
Contact bouncing duration at closing operation                 ms 2
Contact bouncing bank amplitude of opening operation          ms 2
Three-pole simultaneity                                      ms 1
Note:Rated characteristics can be given on requirment

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