vacuum interrupter
Embedded poles
vacuum interrupter for outdoor circuit breaker
vacuum interrupter for indoor circuit breaker
vacuum interrupter for load break switch
vacuum interrupter for contactor
Products >> vacuum interrupter for contactor
ZKTJ630/1.14-6.3 TJ340H
ZKTJ1600/3.6-10 TJ340GC
ZKTJ2500/3.6-10 TJ340TA
ZKTJ630/3.6-6.3 TJ030A
ZKTJ630/3.6-6.3 TJ340P
ZKTJ 630/7.2-6.3 TJ341E
ZKTJ630/12-6.3 TJ340GF
ZKTJ630/12-6.3 TJ341BE
ZKTJ1250/12-6.3 TJ340BD
ZKTJ630/24-6.3 TJ4340
ZKTJ630/12-6.3 TJ341J
ZKTJ1250/3.6-10 TJ340GB
ZKTJ1600/3.6-10 TJ340GA
ZKTJ1600/1.14-10 TJ340G
ZKTJ630/7.2-6.3 TJ340FA
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