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No pain no gain.Warm congratulations to Wuhan Feite sale elites for getting the car reward

No pain no gain

 Warm congratulations to Wuhan Feite sale elites for getting the car reward

Looking back at 2021, it's significant for Wuhan Feite Electric.

Under the special background of the bulk non-ferrous metal raw materials continuous running at the high price , other costs general rising and COVID-19 locally spread, Wuhan Feite corporate’s production operation is still increasing dramatically and has been achieved good results, year-on-year maintaining double-digit percentage growth in the sales and cargo payment. Company cargo payment recovery rate reached to 103%, has a better cash flow and make the enterprise high-quality developed.

         There is no year that is not used to cross, just as difficulties are always crowned for achievements after being overcome.
         In particular, Feite products continue to have excellent quality assurance, win market reputation, have been widely recognized by users, and the sales volume has increased rapidly. In order to ensure delivery, the company worked in shifts on the production line, creating the highest level of production and sales in December 2021, fully demonstrating the strong cohesion and combat effectiveness of Feite team. It is a team that can win and dare to fight hard battles.
         Manufacturing industry has always been an important foundation and support for economic development. It is also a vital step for maintaining the basic level of employment and moving towards the medium-high end of the industrial chain and value chain. In recent years, the state has increased its support for the real economy, explicitly proposed to invigorate the industrial economy and provided more targeted support to enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises. Taking advantage of the state policies, Feite corporate has made great achievements in scientific and technological research and development, continuously improved production technology and manufacturing process, and cracked the bottleneck of limited development.

Achievement is inspiring and experience is enlightening. Feite corporate specially held meetings to summarize experience, put heads together and deploy a new “chessboard” in the face of more fierce and cruel industry competition. Let  “Feite” brand fly higher and more stable through layout new measures for steady operation and high-quality development of enterprises and breaking the bottleneck restricting development.

       From the beginning to the end of the year, from day to night, the staffs have been busy for a whole year, with efforts, dedication and gained more harvests.

In particular, there are two sales elites of the team who meet the company's reward policies for small cars in 2021. The company warmly congratulates them and hopes that all the employees can continue their efforts and stand on the podium next year.

The prize-winning sales elites are as follow:

Zhiyong Li, deputy director of operations, whose personal sales revenue exceeded 20 million RMB, was awarded an upgraded small car;


Fei Liu, the deputy general manager of the Marketing Department, whose personal sales revenue exceeded 10 million RMB, was awarded a small car.


In additional, the company will reimburse them for car insurance and petrol fees every year as an incentive.

Since 2008, Feite corporate has been awarding "car incentive" rewards to sales elites, which has become a kind of normality. The implementation of this reward is not only an incentive to the sales elite based on the comprehensive completion of various operating indicators, but also a strong practice of the solemn commitment of employees.

         "I have seen the green mountains and should take advantage of the east wind to get on the horse and ride." With the clock pointing to 2022, we cannot be satisfied and let alone rest on our past performance. For the new journey and ascending a height to see, we only work hard and do better.

In view of product production, we should strictly control the quality, constantly make unremitting efforts, start the "acceleration", do not let clients wait for a long time for cargos delivery.

In view of the market development, we should insist on the strategic of "dig big clients, follow big projects, and offer good services". Keeps developing the key clients, pay close attention to the implementation, work with perseverance and not relax the target.

We should continue to struggle and brave to move ahead.

In the past year, Feite corporate and its employees have achieved good results, and believe they will create more bright and glorious achievements for the next year.

Sprint, dreamers.

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