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Good news! Feite sales elites get the car reward


Good news! Feite sales elites get the car reward


In 2018, all the staff members picked up their sleeves and worked hard to complete the annual production and management tasks. The company has achieved sustained and healthy development. The company cannot has the good performance without the joint efforts of its employees. The company has grown so that the employees have more space for development. While the company continues to develop, it also invite the employees with special contributions to share the wealth of the company's development and give them a sense of accomplishment, belonging and a sense of acquisition. In 2018, special rewards would be given to the sales elites who have the 10 million RMB and 20 million RMB sales proceeds, each person would reward a car. The sales elites are:


Chuqiang Xu, the deputy general manager of the marketing department, personal sales proceeds exceeded 20 million RMB, won an upgraded version of the car;

Qinyan Chan, the director of Liushi Office, personal sales proceeds exceeded 10 million RMB, won a car;

Icy Xu, the Sales deputy manager,personal sales proceeds exceeded 10 million RMB,won a car;

Fei Yang, the sales director,personal sales proceeds exceeded 10 million RMB, won a car.


In addition to rewarding a small car for each of the above four sales elites, the company also reimburses the insurance premiums and fuel charges for the car every year, so that they can devote themselves to work with greater enthusiasm. We affirm the results, share the joy, encourage the fighting spirit, learn from each other, and hope that all employees will achieve new achievements in 2019! Every employee will make progress in the next year, and we hope that more employees will receive car rewards and large bonuses, and report to their wives (husbands) and children!


Remarks: The sales proceeds amount is ≥10 million RMB, reward the car of about 16 million RMB grade (Dongfeng series), and enjoy the welfare of Reimbursement of vehicle insurance and fuel fare

The sales proceeds is ≥ 20 million RMB, reward the car with a price of about 33 million RMB (VW Audi A4 series), and njoy the welfare of Reimbursement of vehicle insurance and fuel fare.


Chuqiang Xu, the deputy general manager of the marketing department


Qinyan Chan, the director of Liushi Office


Icy Xu, the Sales deputy manager


Fei Yang, the sales director

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